About Us

Who we are

The association is comprised of the paid directors at college and university LGBTQ centers and offices throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Other professional staff who are paid for their work at LGBTQ centers/offices and directors who are compensated less than fulltime for managing LGBTQ work on their campuses are eligible for membership at the affiliate level.

The association recognizes that campus climates that welcome and embrace LGBTQ students, faculty, staff, and alumni require a concerted, sustained effort in order to be successful in their inclusivity.  Therefore, membership in the association is restricted to campus partners that have invested dedicated staff, space, and financial resources to support LGBTQ people.

What we do

The association exists to encourage, promote, and celebrate the work of Kentucky colleges and universities in serving LGBTQ people.  Our vision is that every LGBTQ person on a Kentucky campus will be welcomed and included to fully participate in the life of their college or university. Furthermore, we seek to cultivate and empower allies to be effective supporters of LGBTQ people.

Toward that vision, the association:

  • Coordinates the conference Come Together Kentucky in partnership with the host institution including a rotating schedule for where it is held each year;
  • Develops strategies for supporting ¬†institutions of higher education still without LGBTQ focused staff and consults with university administrations who want to launch centers;
  • Creates a network of support for LGBTQ directors and staff who are sometimes isolated in their work;
  • Benchmarks with best practices nationally, and communicates with model programs to strengthen the work in Kentucky;
  • Designs opportunities for LGBTQ students, faculty, staff, and alumni to network with others across Kentucky;
  • Supports other statewide efforts to address the intersecting identities that LGBTQ people hold and the other systems of oppression (racism, sexism, etc.) that impede social justice and the full recognition of human dignity.